3D rotation Yumi head mod for Blythe dolls

3D rotation Yumi head mod for Blythe dolls


Please make sure to select correct head/body type, if you're not sure contact me first.

Head type
Body type
  • Yumi head mod for 3-axis head rotation


    • 3D head rotation: front, back and side tilt limited only by the stock head's opening, stock left/right rotation.
    • Easy to install: minimum preparations needed, no glue, no screws. Detailed instruction included.
    • Non-destructive: you can always revert back to the original stock head limited rotation, no functional or visible parts get damaged during the installation.
    • Invisible: no mod parts are visible with normal usage unless there's an extreme back tilt.
    • Robust: the head will never fall off.

Custom Blythe eye chips © 2018 by Yumi Camui

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